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Come stay a while and share with us our rich tapestry of traditions, customs and culture that are the Cook Islands way of life. Indulge in the pleasure of Pacific food – listen to the strums of the ukulele, the beat of the drums or swing with the sway of dancing hips. Discover the great outdoors and fish, snorkel, dive, paddle and swim in a brilliant blue sea. Climb the magnificent peaks lush with native vegetations and alive with song birds. Or simply stroll through the pearly sands and stop awhile to look at the twinkling sunbeams on a white crested reef. Immerse and explore.

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The exquisite black pearls we use in our jewellery collection are selected from only the best the Cook Islands has to offer. The pearls come from one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the world, the atoll of Manihiki, around 1200 km north of Rarotonga. The beautiful & unique Black Pearl from the Manihiki Lagoon in the Northern Cook Islands is natures own magical & mysterious jewel of the sea.

The Black-Lipped mother of pearl oyster shells (Pinctada Margaritifera) indigenous to the Cook Islands produce a stunning array of colours and hues, resulting in a spectacular variety of jewellery pieces.

The marvellous colours range from silver grey through greens, iridescent with pink, gold & blue, to darkest black. One cannot help succumbing to their enchanting charm - the more you touch them, the more you love them.

In Addition to our range of black pearl and gemstone jewellery, we have a full complement of gold and silver, from wedding bands to charms, body jewellery to chains and bracelets.

The Goldmine is The Cook Island's official agent for Worth & Douglas, a New Zealand company specialising in the manufacturer of fine jewellery - mainly rings.

As well as the company's own brand, Worth & Douglas also manufactures Karen Walker Jewellery, Lord Of The Rings Jewellery, W & D and Hobbit Jewellery.

At Goldmine, we have a dazzling collection of natural gemstones, with amber as our focus. Our beautiful amber jewellery is made from only the best amber from the depths of the Baltic Sea.

Amber is not a mineral, but time-hardened fossilized resin of the species of pine called Pinus Succinifera. Millions of years ago huge forests covered the area of what is today the Baltic Sea. If the bark of the amber pines was damaged, the tree would seal the affected area with drops of resin that hardened in the air. Amber occurs in a range of different colours, from a remarkable pale lemon yellow, to brown and almost black and other uncommon colours.

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