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Come stay a while and share with us our rich tapestry of traditions, customs and culture that are the Cook Islands way of life. Indulge in the pleasure of Pacific food – listen to the strums of the ukulele, the beat of the drums or swing with the sway of dancing hips. Discover the great outdoors and fish, snorkel, dive, paddle and swim in a brilliant blue sea. Climb the magnificent peaks lush with native vegetations and alive with song birds. Or simply stroll through the pearly sands and stop awhile to look at the twinkling sunbeams on a white crested reef. Immerse and explore.

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Perfumes of Rarotonga

Hand made scented gifts like perfumes from tropical flowers, pure coconut oil soaps, massage, tanning and healing coconut oils, hand made candles, body lotions.

Liqueur tasting - Four flavoursof tropical fruit and coffee. Chocolate truffles infused with our liqueurs.

Cooks Fudge Factory in Cooks Corner with freshly made fudge in many flavours.

Phone: 682 24238
Fax: 682 21238

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