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Come stay a while and share with us our rich tapestry of traditions, customs and culture that are the Cook Islands way of life. Indulge in the pleasure of Pacific food – listen to the strums of the ukulele, the beat of the drums or swing with the sway of dancing hips. Discover the great outdoors and fish, snorkel, dive, paddle and swim in a brilliant blue sea. Climb the magnificent peaks lush with native vegetations and alive with song birds. Or simply stroll through the pearly sands and stop awhile to look at the twinkling sunbeams on a white crested reef. Immerse and explore.

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Tik-e Tours - Eco friendly electric Tuk Tuk tours

Kia orana & welcome to Tik-e tours Rarotonga's one and only fun & fully electric transport service in the Cook Islands. As sustainability is becoming a fashionable word in the travel industry were have taken it to the next level with a fleet of five beautiful bright orange and one white electric Dutch designed six seater Tuk Tuk limousines offering a variety friendly services around Rarotonga.

These services include your very own personalised island tours where we pick you up from your accommodation and give you a personalised tour of all the intrigue and mystery that is Rarotonga. Discover the back road and the culture that is hidden along it. We will immerse you in the history of the Avana passage and let you explore the unique way of life that the Cook Islanders enjoy.

Explore the nightlife with our "legendary" cocktail happy hour hop take your friends and hop aboard the Tuk tuk train for a cocktail happy hour like no other. Discover who makes the "big kahuna", the seabreeze and the "sex on the beach" cocktails. We will take you to all the best places as the sun goes down over the reef. Our customers say "it's the most fun you can have on three wheels.

The Cook Islands is one of the most popular and romantic places for weddings in the Pacific. Rarotonga is well known for its pristine white beaches and lush tropical rainforest making it the perfect setting for some of the most beautiful island weddings in the world. The stunning blue lagoon framed with the tropical island background will provide an amazing backdrop for those memorable wedding photos. We offer a very special limousine service to get to and from your wedding location. Whatever your plans, let us take care of you in our special white wedding e-tuk limo that will have you and your wedding party arriving in a very unique style available nowhere else in the Pacific Islands. For larger weddings, we have a fleet of vehicles that can help transport your guests to and from your special location. Our e-tuk limos are also available for bachelor and hens nights as well.

Going to explore the Saturday market or going out for dinner at night we will deliver you from door to door safely with our transfer service just call us and we will be there on time.

Meitaki maata Tania & Karl

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