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Come stay a while and share with us our rich tapestry of traditions, customs and culture that are the Cook Islands way of life. Indulge in the pleasure of Pacific food – listen to the strums of the ukulele, the beat of the drums or swing with the sway of dancing hips. Discover the great outdoors and fish, snorkel, dive, paddle and swim in a brilliant blue sea. Climb the magnificent peaks lush with native vegetations and alive with song birds. Or simply stroll through the pearly sands and stop awhile to look at the twinkling sunbeams on a white crested reef. Immerse and explore.

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Tropicbird Sailing - Explore, Dream, Discover

Explore the crystal clear waters of Rarotonga beyond the reef
Dream of the Polynesian and European explorers of old
Discover more about the islands precious eco-system and marine life

Experience our friendly and informative introduction to Rarotonga - to the marine ecology and history of the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Cook Islands as we chart our way around the outer reef, using the Pacific tradewinds on our eco-friendly and classic sailing vessel, a 36 foot trimaran; the modern day equivalent of the traditional Polynesian Vaka.

Sea life includes huge varieties of fish, turtles and migratory humpback whales that visit Rarotonga from July to October on their route through the Cook Islands. The whales love to swim very close to this unthreatening sailing vessel, although we ensure we keep a respectful distance.

You will be looked after by our friendly local crew who will endeavour to make your time aboard as memorable as possible!

Phone: +682 55225 / 23577

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