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Come stay a while and share with us our rich tapestry of traditions, customs and culture that are the Cook Islands way of life. Indulge in the pleasure of Pacific food – listen to the strums of the ukulele, the beat of the drums or swing with the sway of dancing hips. Discover the great outdoors and fish, snorkel, dive, paddle and swim in a brilliant blue sea. Climb the magnificent peaks lush with native vegetations and alive with song birds. Or simply stroll through the pearly sands and stop awhile to look at the twinkling sunbeams on a white crested reef. Immerse and explore.

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Tumunu Garden Bar & Restaurant

The Tumunu is the oldest restaurant in Rarotonga with the original name and owners, Eric (the crazy Welshman) and Julie (his Aussie wife). The Tumunu celebrated its 30th birthday just last year!!

Tumunu in Cook Islands maori means Coconut tree. The base is chopped and hollowed and then home brew is fermented in it. It then becomes a social gathering place for food and drink. This is our Tumunu! Not only is it the oldest restaurant in Rarotonga (30yrs) but it is also the first public liquor license to be issued and was a local "Hot Spot" for many years. Still has the original owners too! The pace became too fast for us however, so others have taken over that role. The Tumunu is now a more sedate and relaxed restaurant with rustic garden surroundings and features a wide variety of local artifacts and much, very much more, entertaining memorabilia, all of which has been given to the Tumunu by visitors and locals alike.

Don't be fooled by the outside appearance. Once you walk over the bridge it opens up to a tropical garden and unique dining room with a colourful collagen ceiling and decor. It has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and it's fun!! It has been described as "The Fawlty Towers of Raro" by some. Eric may still seem a little "touched" from those old days, but there is always someone in the wings to take control.

The menu features a wide variety of:




Juicy tender steaks

Chicken meals

Children's menu.

All hearty meals and great value for money!!!

Phone: +682 20501

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